wind + solar as extras

Each energy source has its pro’s and con’s. The most obvious in the case of wind and solar, is the lack of continuance. Also, they often produce when you can’t use it instantly. Storage is necessary.

Upon constructing the combination, it will be somewhat unique every time. Due to the available options, the combination will differ. När man ska konstruera sin unika kombination av energislag, så utgår man från vad som finns tillgängligt.

Sources using burners and heat pumps are well suited as basic energy sources, as they are continuous feeders of energy. They therefore are preferred in combined systems.

Solar and wind generated energy may be used to provide the control system with backup power to the normal continueous source (e.g. grid power). Using batteries, the solar and/or wind energy is accessible. Cirkulation pumps may also be considered to recieve its backup power from the batteries.

If water tanks are used in the heating system, you may also provide these with heaters designed for 12V. Hereby enabling the use of these generators without using inverters.

Even if a backup electricity system is “on the table” at design time, it’s advisable to use e.g. a 12V based control system. This enables future installation of a backup system. In its simplest form, just a battery.

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