to consider

Ther is a lot to consider and plan when you are to change or introduce a new energy source. It applies to both private economical aspects as well as demands from authorities and others with an interest in your change.

Solar cells

The first on hand is perhaps the pure practical aspects.

WHERE to place the panels? The number of panels to fit? Any need for handling of sun reflectations or similar considerations regarding neighbours? Will the colour of the panels anything to do with it? Do you need any planning permission from your local Council?

Panels may be mounted in ALL directions. The difference is the amount of energy that can be harvested. A panel with azimuth 0 (south) with an elevation of 30-45 degrees will produce the best. A panel with azimuth 180 (north) will produce approx. 50% in comparison to the southbound panel.

The number of panels to use depends on several aspects. The grid owner may have set a maximum feed from your site. The size of the panels, both mechanical and power. Roof tilt and direction must be considered. Conclusion: They all must be considered when setting up the installation.

The colour of panels is a concern both to aesthetic and efficiency. But basically it is a matter of looks. What looks the best where they are placed and in accordance to your personal preferences.

In Sweden the rules and regulations have been streamlined. The need for a planning permission to install solar panels is reduced to a wide extent. A permissin is no longer needed if the panels follow the shape of the roof. Restrictions apply for other mounting varieties, as well for changes in the building construction and to historic buildings.

Smart panels are equipped with some type of controls. These includes shut-down, optimizers and monitoring.

Wind power

When planning to utilize a windmill, placing the plant is an issue.
The mounting pole must be collapsible, not reaching the border of your real estate. You need to consider how to handle falling objects, e.g. ice from the wings. Appearance and generated noise may be something to consider.

Please contact your local authorities in advance to clear out any demands on their behalf.

Hydro power

Utilizing water is a eco-friendly way of producing energy. Hydro power is heavily regulated. During the last decade, a lot of older small hydro power plants have been forced to close due to new regulations. Please contact your local authorities.

In general

Don’t rush into getting alternative sources of energy. It is really worth while the effort to get things sorted out FIRST.
It may both save you money setting up the site, as well as increase the outcome.

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