To be able to provide you as a customer a splendid experience many years to come, we have chosen a bouquet of suppliers. They have been chosen on truly experienced quality and the level of support provided.

Quality may be measured in many various ways. Emphasis has been made on expected lifespan, performance guaranties, mechanical implementation and delivery execution.

The solar cell market is currently expanding fast. The number of companies producing panels are increasing rapidly. Still the number of companies producing the semi-conductor cells is limited. Therefore the base material in these various panels are using the same base material. This implements a large problem. Due to the quality grades, the price per cell varies. High grade cells are more expensive and are bought primarily by the high end producers. Lower grade are used to produce low-cost panels. Beware of quality measures! We are only buying panels from high-end producers.

Our primary supplier of solar panels is Perlight. A producer with wast production experience and superb support. They produce the best ALL BLACK smart panels.

Perlight has an established cooperation with Tigo Energy, offering smart solutions in monitoring and controlling the panels. The Tigo connection box may be equipped with a range of back plates, from simplest diodes to full optimization and emergency shut-down functionality. Monitoring online is possible.

A supplier of mounting system, we’ve chosen Esdec. Mainly using their EVO system utilizing flexible roof hooks, available in alu and black.

Fronius is our inverter of choise. The meet all requirements and more. Supreme quality and also pleasant to look at.
The inverters may be connected to the Internet, giving online access to production data.

Our supplier of electrcal installations is Total El AB. They are an authorized installation company with all appropriate certificats.

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