Combining energy sources

To meet the challenges of the emerging alternatives in energy supply, we combine different sources.

Photo Voltaic system produce day-time and require energy storage if to be used during dark periods. They also produce their maximum during the Summer.

By combining different sources, produced in various periods over time, we can overbridge periods when the PV system is non-productive.

Combining energy sources also applies to heating systems. To be able to use solar collectors in the same solution as e.g. a wood burning furnace. All to maximize the output of all systems combined.

The largest project for 2020 is a residential home ( a former school ) in the countryside in the south of Sweden. The goal is to combine several sources.

The house is equipped with a central heating system with radiators, using water as media. The “hart” is a 300 liter tank utilizing 3 coils.

The lower coil, normally used to connect a solar collector, will be connected to the air-to-water heat pump. As the max temperature from the heat pump is around 40 °C, this is the best place.

The mid coil will be connected to the furnace, the wood burner. This has a max temperature of up to 95 °C, hence the higher coil.

The top coil will be feeding the central heating radiators.

By using the coils to a maximum, the different systems don’t have to share fluids. This will minimize pressure problems, differentiation of anti-freezer agents and leakage prevention.

The wood burning furnace is located in a separate building. It is equipped with two 500 liter tanks locally. These tanks will transfer their energy to two 500 liter tanks in the basement of the house throu a culvert. This is temperature controlled by default.

The heat pump has its own 500 liter tank to work towards.

As long as the furnace tanks can provide energy, they are the primary source to heat up the main tank. When they drop below the set feeding temperature, the controller will switch over to the heat pump tank as supplier of energy. This means that the heat pump acts as the main provider, giving the furnace use to be an intermittent supplier.

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